McElroy and SECOR

The Leaders in Pipe Fusion. The name McElroy is recognized as the most reliable, rugged, and technically advanced fusion equipment in the world. McElroy is the leader in the design and manufacture of fusion machines for pipe as small as ½” CTS to as large as 2000mm OD. SECOR is proud to be a leading McElroy distributor and maintain one of the largest Certified McElroy Rental Fleets in the world. Whether it’s a McElroy Pit Bull, TracStar, or a wheeled unit, SECOR rents and sells fusion machines for every application.

Large Diameter Machines

from McElroy are capable of fusing pipe from 24″-65″. SECOR sells and rents out McElroy’s complete large diameter range including the popular TracSar900 and the TracStar630.

Medium Diameter Machines

are capable of fusing pipe from 8” to 20”. SECOR sells and offers rentals on the entire medium diameter range including TracStar, DynaMc, and Rolling fusion machines.

Small Diameter Machines

are capable of fusing ½” to 6” pipe. SECOR sells and offers rentals on McElroy’s entire small diameter range from Sidewinders to Pit Bulls.


Productivity tooling from McElroy is designed to assist operators in the safe handling and improved efficiency in the joining of pipe. Pipe Support Stands, Polyhorse pipe racks, and cutting/bending tools are just some of the support equipment available. While the Datalogger captures the most important information related to fusion operations. SECOR is proud to sell and rent all McElroy accessories.


Fusion Equipment Rental as Dependable as your pipeline. There are plenty of rental fusion machines in the marketplace, but how do you know if your next rental machine is properly maintained and ready to perform? To secure a premium rental machine, make sure your next rental is from SECOR, a Certified McElroy Rental Equipment Distributor.

Next generation piping for generations to come.​

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