No Procrastinating! The 4 Things you Must do Before the End of the Year

At SECOR, we’re ready to help you wind down 2020 and ensure your 2021 is more productive and profitable than ever! Consider the following tips to make sure you end this year on a high-note and prepare yourself for a successful 2021.

#1 Don’t Waste your End of Year Budget

Don’t let your valuable end of year budgetary money go to waste. From McElroy Fusion Equipment to complex custom HDPE fabrications, SECOR has the products that will enhance your group’s operations for years to come.

#2 Repair and Replace

Been putting off that repair on your beat up McElroy heater iron or replacing those dull facer blades? SECOR can help get your equipment as good as new for all the upcoming projects coming your way in 2021.

#3 Certify and Re-certify

Haven’t been able to find the time for a training session to gain the necessary qualifications and certifications to operate your machinery or provide fusion services?

The end of the year is the perfect time to schedule a training class that will give you the confidence and credentials needed going into the new year.

#4 Recalibrate

Be sure to get your Electrofusion Processors, McElroy Dataloggers, and all other equipment sent in for required re-calibrations so you are fully prepared to tackle the upcoming year.

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