The DBH-1214 was designed to address the requirement for a squeeze tool to effectively control the flow in heavy wall PE pipe up to 16″ (DBH-1214-A). Utilizing three large diameter, hydraulic cylinders and heat-treated alloy jaws, the DBH-1214 provides the distributed force necessary to close pipe with a wall thickness up to 1.75″.
Two variants of the DBH-1214 are offered, an A & B Model. The A-Model tool will accommodate pipe sizes from 8″ IPS SDR 7 through 16″ IPS SDR 9 and the B-Model from 4″ IPS SDR 11 through 14″ IPS SDR 7 – see sizing chart below.
As with all Mustang hydraulic squeeze tools, a hydraulic locking valve is incorporated in the system to prevent accidental pressure release. Locking bolts are also included to mechanically secure the jaws in the squeezed position.
Gap stops are placed on the lower jaws individually and are held in place magnetically. Four gap stop sets are included with additional sets available optionally.
An air-driven hydraulic pump, Model AP201L, with 40′ hose assembly completes the package (not pictured).

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