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MegaMc PolyHorse

MegaMc Polyhorse
McElroy Pipe Support Stand

Pipe Support Stands

Pipe Support Stands


Pipe support stands are adjustable for uneven terrain so that the pipe is supported at the same height as the machine. By bringing the pipe in parallel to the machine, it is much easier to adjust high/low and achieve a square face-off.

Instead of moving the machine for each joint, you can pull the fused pipe through the machine and roll in a new stick to be fused. This allows you to stage all the pipe in one location. Keeping the fusion machine stationary, minimizing down time between fusion joints. The Pipe Support Stands height are adjustable to properly support, position and align pipe to be fused.

  • 4″ – 20″ Pipe Stand with Manual Chain Height Adjustment- T5070901
  • 8″ – 36″ Large Standard Pipe Stand –T9055801
  • 14 Pipe Stand (for use with Cart)- 422801
  • 28 Pipe Stand- 906501
  •  2065 Pipe Stand- 6314001
  • Heavy Duty Pipe Stand- 4823901

Next generation piping for generations to come.​

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