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MegaMc PolyHorse

MegaMc Polyhorse
MegaMc Roller

MegaMc Rollers

MegaMc Rollers


McElroy’s MegaMc Rollers are a productivity tool that keeps pipe off the ground as it is being fused and pulled along the right of way. The rollers are designed for 12” IPS through 54” IPS (340mm to 1400mm) pipe. They are tip resistant while handing a capacity of 9,000 lbs per unit.

The rollers can be paired with other productivity tools on a job site, including the MegaMc PolyHorse and MegaMc Pipe Stands in order to boost jobsite workflow.

The pipe and pipe joints roll through the rollers easily. By keeping the pipe off the ground, the pipe is protected from the damage of being pulled, as well as excessive pulling forces. The Large Diameter Low Profile Rollers are stackable, with the ability to transport 52 rollers on a flatbed semi trailer.

Part Number: 4842401- 54″ roller Assembly



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