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Friatec FWSG 315 / FWSG400


Genesis F3 Electrofusion Processor

F3 Electrofusion Processor
electrofusion fitting

Central Plastics Electrofusion Fittings

Central Plastics Electrofusion Fittings

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Most electrofusion fittings can be supplied with an integral identification resistor that is recognized by Georg Fischer Central Plastics processors to automatically set the proper fusion parameters. All electrofusion fittings are supplied with a 24-digit ISO-compliant barcode label, which facilitates the simple input of correct fusion parameters (regardless of your brand of electrofusion processor).
• Designed and manufactured following ASTM F-1055 for use with pipe conforming to ASTM D2513/3035, F-714, and with Butt fittings conforming to ASTM D3261 as applicable.
• PE2406/PE2708 and PE3408/PE4710 electrofusion fittings are produced from high-quality virgin resins that have designated listings of PE2406/2708 or PE3408/ PE4710, both of which comply with ASTM D3350.
• Compatible for fusion to either PE2406/PE2708 or PE3408/PE4710 and other similar pipe
• Cross-fusion compatible without special fusion instructions
• Pressure-rated for natural gas and potable water applications • Available in metric sizes
• PE3408/PE4710 fittings:
— Utilize NSF listed resin
— Tested to the requirements of AWWA C906
— FM approved (where applicable)
— CSA Certification (where applicable)

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