FSEQ Rotary Peeler

FSEQ Rotary Peeler


FSEQ Rotary Peeler

FSEQ Rotary Peeler

Genesis F3 Electrofusion Processor

Genesis F3 Electrofusion Processor

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The Genesis F3 Electrofusion Processor can be operated from any AC power source meeting the input power requirements. It is splash proof and highly shock resistant. It can fuse all manufacturer’s fittings at voltages ranging from 8 to 48 volts. The fitting connectors are the 90 degree non-rotating type. It is most efficient and reliable when operated in the barcode mode, however it can be operated in a variety of manual modes and can fuse resistor ID fittings. IT is also equipped with internal memory for data storage and can be downloaded to determine installation conditions and fusion cycle status.

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