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Friatec FWSG 315 / FWSG400


Genesis F3 Electrofusion Processor

F3 Electrofusion Processor
Friatec Electrofusion Coupling

Friatec Electrofusion Couplings

Friatec Electrofusion Couplings

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IPEX/Friatec is a leader in electrofusion fitting technology for HDPE pipe systems. With their proven products and expertise, Friatec Fittings/ Friatec Couplings are frequently called upon to solve the toughest fusion challenges and feature a unique, exposed coil design that provides a seal stronger than any other electrofusion system on the market.

All Friatec couplings are NSF approved, and 4 inches through 20 inches couplings are Factory Mutual approved.

Couplings                                        1/2″ CTS to 30 IPS”

DIPS Couplings                                4” through 24”

Polyethylene Saddles                        3” through 22”

DAA High Pressure Tapping Tees       100 psi gas/200 psi water


Some of the benefits of Friatec Electrofusion Couplings and fittings are:

  • Suitability for tough building-site conditions
  • Thick center walls (15-30% thicker than SDR 11 pipe)
  • Wide fusion zones (at least 35% of OD)
  • Barcode labeled for automatic fusion
  • Can be re-fused in case ofelectrical power interruption
  • Identification molded into fitting
  • Large diameter fittings up to 30” IPS


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