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FSEQ Rotary Peeler

Friatec FWSG 315 / FWSG400

Friatec FWSG 315 / FWSG400

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There are two different tools that can be used for scraping from Friatec FWSG 315 / FWSG400. The scraper tool FWSG 315 serves the processing of pipes made of PE 100, PE 80 and PEX-a in the dimensions 3” IPS up to 12” IPS. It is a precision tool and is suitable to remove the oxide layer as preparation for an electrofusion joint which forms on the surface of PE pipes during their storage. The service life depends on the frequency of use and the external influences during use and/or the storage or transport of the tool.

The new FWSG 400 is a more robust tool and scraps a larger range ( 3″ to 14″) than its predecessor FWSG 315. It’s scraper blade is made of carbide with 2 edges (twice the service life). Consistent removal due to spring mounted scraper blade and automatic feed. With quick adjustment of the scraping length and exchangeable clamping slide for the dimensions 3″ to 14″. Delivered in a transport box. Please use FWSG 400 when ordering.

FWSG315 Product Sheet


FWSG400 Product Sheet


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